In my fifteen years as a counsellor, I have amassed a great amount of experience in combatting and treating a wide variety of personal and psychological issues, including work related stress.

It is very easy to dismiss the effect that work has on our daily lives. However, with the average person spending 37 hours every week in their workplace, it is essential that the work is not only financially rewarding but also personally satisfying.

A good workplace can not only help to improve the self-esteem and sense of enjoyment of the worker. However, a poor workplace can do the exact opposite – causing unhappiness and stress. When this unhappiness and stress starts to affect either the work or the personal life of the person involved then counselling can provide a valuable solution.

The effects of stress should never be underestimated, and should never be ignored. Whilst they may begin as a nagging feeling of “not wanting to work”, if left untreated or not dealt with they can quickly deteriorate with the person feeling anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and even having feelings of self-harm.

If you have started to feel differently as a result of work related stress, then counselling could provide help for your situation. You may be experiencing insomnia, a change in your eating habits, a change in the amount of drinking or smoking you are doing, you may have noticed mood swings or you may have noticed that your productivity at work is lower than in the past even though you’re working just as hard. In addition, work related stress can cause physical symptoms such as migraine or continual and consistent illness.

The aim of counselling is to get to the root of the problem. Because everyone is different and reacts differently to varying situations, the reason for your stress is likely to be very different than other peoples. Therefore, by exploring the way you think and feel about your work through counselling, we can find a positive solution and give you the tools to deal with the stresses of the workplace in a healthy and positive way.

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